I just ate a handfull of raw chicken by accident, should i be worried ?!

Question: I just ate a handfull of raw chicken by accident, should i be worried !?
PS: for what its worth it was breaded[email protected]@Com

relax you will probably be ok, yes there is a chance of salmonella, but chances are you will be fine, or if not its just likely you will have the runs and be sick, to have a clear out!. If it gets worse than this or carries on for any considerable time then go see your g!.p!. oh and if you are being sick ect dont forget to keep your fluids up so you dont get dehidrated[email protected]@Com

Aww bless u huni, Ive realised half way through eating a burger that it was very pink in the middle, I stopped eating mine, but everyone ate theirs, and we were all fine!.

But chicken is different, Ive had salmonella poisoning off of it once, but it was frozen in the middle when I was eating it, I was just too polite to tell my friends mum!. Stupid I know!. I was only 10!.

I was ill for a week, but!.!. that doesn't mean to say you will be, Its a possibility, If you start feeling your tummy rumbling (not hunger) in about 4 hours then Id phone the doctor!. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, as dehydration with vomiting and diahreah is very dangerous!.

Good luck x
[email protected]@Com

hiya, what a silly sod you are!.first try and make yourself sick,it was over 1 hr ago,so i should think you would have tummy ache if it was going to affect you by now!.maybe you have got away with it!.i should think the most that could happen is you will have diarrhoea through the night or in the morning!.good luck,and check food in future,you might not be so lucky in the future!.salmonella is a killer!. x[email protected]@Com

You better LAY down, I'm not YOKEing, this could be the FOWLest Illness you ever had, you could be COOPED up for ages!. You should RUN to the chemist and SHELL out for some medicine!. You should feel all WHITE soon, but if your not better by FRIEDay then look CUP you local QUACK!.

By the way OMLETTEing you have this information for FREE(range)!.

I have run out of chicken/egg/bird jokes now !!

Hopefully you wont have a problem, I think Ive eaten it like that before!.

Good Luck[email protected]@Com

I once had this problem (tried to cook it in a useless oven XD)
if I were you I'd wait for a few hours and see how you feel, if you don't feel okay then call a doctor!.
if you still feel okay, see how you feel the next morning and so on!.

if it's any consolation, I was absolutely fine ^^[email protected]@Com

oops - not a good thing to do!. if you have a strong constitution you may be ok, if not then prepare for a stint in the bathroom, pointing your head or bum at the loo!. I've had salmonella from a boiled egg and that was probably the worst 4 days I've ever had, took me ages to get over it!.[email protected]@Com

Well it could cause food poisoning, if you find it easy to make yourself sick then maybe get it up again, personally I wouldn't be able to so would just have to wait and see and hope that you don't come down with it!.

Maybe drink plenty of water to see if it helps flush it through!.!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

It depends!.
Chicken,in particular, carries the risk of Samonella!. Its not a definate but definately a possibility!.
It could be a long night for you on the toilet!.[email protected]@Com

I would be a little worried!. All chicken doesn't necessarily have salmonella so you may be okay!. If you don't feel anything in the next 8 hours, you should be in the clear!.[email protected]@Com

yupe !.!.!. u should be worried !.!. go to the doctor and see wat he can give u cuz this is sooo serious !.!.!.!.
the will be worms in ur stomach and when u poop u well recognize that small worms are on it
i swear !.!. it happened to someoen i know it its kinda bad !.!. he DIED :(
awww man i love to scare pple !.!.!.
um gd luck dude
xoxox[email protected]@Com

You don't think they got that breaded stuff to stick without heating it up some RIGHT
It was white all the way through !?!?!?!?
because mine are,, I hate the pepper so I scrape it off[email protected]@Com

yes!.food poisoning!.[email protected]@Com

The chicken is way past being worried!.[email protected]@Com

half cooked chicken can make you ill!.Call your doctor to see what he recommends!.[email protected]@Com

No, but the chicken should!.[email protected]@Com

um!.!.!. how did you accidently eat raw chicken!?[email protected]@Com

you could end up with salmonella ! [email protected]@Com

any chance did someone else cook it!?!? And u don't wanna tell them cos u don't wanna hurt their feelings!? lol[email protected]@Com

I agree with the answer above, ewwww![email protected]@Com

yes !.!.throw up or sumfin put your fingers down that throught:)!.!.!. drink plenty of water and dont eat for a few hours:)))[email protected]@Com

go and sit on the toilet with your head in the sink!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

it shudnt be enough to make u poorly but if u r sick dont worry about it[email protected]@Com

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