Parmesan Cheese, Will It Go Bad????!

Question: Parmesan Cheese, Will It Go Bad!?!?!?!?
I have a shaker that I put Parmesan cheese in!. It has a piece of plastic that I place in the lid when it's not in use, and it seals the shaker!. Do I have to refrigerate the container between uses!? I'd rather leave it out on the table so that way it's easier to get to than having to request for the cook staff to bring it to me for my meals!. (I live in an assisted care facility and I like having control over my own condiments)!.
Thanks in advance!.[email protected]@Com

Generally speaking, the harder a cheese is, the longer it will last!. I got out the container of Kraft Parmesan from my fridge and it says, "For best quality, refrigerate after opening!."

If you have a sensitivity to molds or have an upper respiratory ailment, I would not recommend leaving it out at room temperature!. That being said, if you decide to leave it out at room temperature, check it to be sure that it hasn't gone moldy before you shake it onto your food!. [email protected]@Com

Yes, parmesan goes bad!. It doesn't matter if the shaker's sealed!. Yes, it should be refrigerated!. There should also be a best before date on the container!.

Yes, it's true that companies specifically choose early dates, but it's for their own liability!. They know that if someone gets sick off of something, they can point to that date!. Might as well use that date for yourself too!.

Don't think of parmesan as a condiment like salt and pepper, because it isn't!. Salt is a mineral!. Parmesan, no matter how dry it is, is a dairy product!.[email protected]@Com

If it's the powdered kind (like the Kraft kind in the green container) it can be left at room temp!. My mother kept it in our cupboard for ages, which was probably like months to years knowing how little she used it!. We never got sick from it!.

Although now I'd refrigerate just because of my job!. Are you allowed a little dorm-type fridge in your room!? That would be great for a stash of drinks, fruits and such, and for your condiments!.[email protected]@Com

ya if its fresh like shredded then ya it will go bad with out refrigerating but if its already ground up then it shoud be fine on the table cuase they do that all the time at resturants but they probalby change it frequently[email protected]@Com

I looked on the back of my container, and it reads to "refrigerate after opening!." So that is probably your best bet!.[email protected]@Com

I just keep it in the cupboard with the Herbs & Spices!. [email protected]@Com

oh my I do think it is ok to be left out for a while but the packaging I do believe says keep refrigerated [email protected]@Com

Even though it is not refrigerated in the store!.!.!.after opening you should!. I always have to be safe!.[email protected]@Com

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