Why does Ice cream make you cough?!

Question: Why does Ice cream make you cough!?
Every time i get done eating Ice cream i always feel like i have to cough why is this!?[email protected]@Com

too cold for the throat!.

=][email protected]@Com

Well it is one of those things that is considered "a myth" by Scientists, but still cannot be explained because I swear it happens to me every timee I eat dairy products and I know it does for a lot of people!. They can't really explain it!. Though I just got thru eating some fruit salad that had sugar in it and it does seem to me whenever I eat things with sugar it tends to do that too so maybe it is not the milk, but rather the sugar breaking down in the throat!. Who knows, but I hope you find some answer that sounds reasonable out there for you!. [email protected]@Com

Because the ice cream reacts with your saliva and creates a thicker more mucousy secretion which can irritate the back of the throat, so then we try to clear our throat and cough!.
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Because its really cold
or and sometimes milk does make you cough[email protected]@Com

It doesn't make me cough so I don't know!.[email protected]@Com

It could be the dairy!.!.you may be allergic to it!.[email protected]@Com

im not sure either, my family doesnt either!.!.!.but idk!.!.!.im sorry!!!![email protected]@Com

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