How much liquid could fit in a 16 oz glass loosely filled with ice?!

Question: How much liquid could fit in a 16 oz glass loosely filled with ice!?
I'm trying to figure out how many calories are in these margaritas (on the rocks) that I was drinking over the weekend!. I need to know how much liquid could fit into a 16 oz cup that is already loosely filled with ice (meaning, the ice isn't packed in, but the glass is filled to the top with ice cubes)!. The drinks were made with 1!.5 oz tequila, 1!.5 oz triple sec, and then fill the rest up with S&S mix!. I just need to know how much "The rest" is because S&S mix is pretty high cal!. If anyone is like sitting at their house and bored, you could try it out for me!. Thanks![email protected]@Com

About 10-12!. We use a 16 oz cup with ice for a 12 oz can of soda in the shop I work in!. It fits perfectly!.

[email protected]@Com

marguritas are about 230 calories!. it's not about how much liquid, it's the type of liquid[email protected]@Com

About 8 ounces!.[email protected]@Com

7-10 ounces[email protected]@Com

0!.3 L [email protected]@Com

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