Whats the difference between Rump, Sirloin, Rib eye Steak?!

Question: Whats the difference between Rump, Sirloin, Rib eye Steak!?
They all taste similar to me but what peice is used to cook what!?[email protected]@Com


they are located in different areas of the cow so will cook differently!.
the rump is only good baked or slow cooked in crock pot as way too tough to do anything else with as located in the *** part of the cow, very lean but tuff but slow baked and they are very good!.
the sirloin is located right above the rump and is the most unpredictable piece of meat as sometime very tender and other times not so but again if you bake them they are very good also, but can be grilled!.
the rib eye is same as rib steak with out the bone and are located in the back area right below the shoulder blade and are very tender, very good grilled but don't waste the goodness of them by baking them, so grilling is best for them!.
the rib eye will cost the most and than the sirloin and the rump!.[email protected]@Com

Different cuts of beef have different amounts of fat and muscle!. Generally, a cut with more muscle and less fat, like the rump, is going to be tougher and is best cooked as a roast or in a stew!. Cuts like sirloin and ribeye have more fat and are more tender cuts, making them ideal for grilled or broiled steaks!. There are lots of websites that will tell you the best cooking method for the cut of meat that you have!. [email protected]@Com

They may taste similar but they certainly don't have the same texture or fat content!. Rump and Sirloin are best fried, grilled, broiled and also good for stir fries!. Rib Eye is a really expensive cut and should be treated with appropriate respect - extra rare with some garlic and onions!. [email protected]@Com

It depends on what part of the cow the meat is taken from because different parts have different textures when it comes to eating it so they give more then one name

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See sketch of cuts!.[email protected]@Com

where abouts on the cow its from[email protected]@Com

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