Frozen dinners?!

Question: Frozen dinners!?
Hey!. So I've recently started a lifestyle change!.!. running 1 & 1/2 hrs a day (today I upped it to 2 hours!), low calorie diet, eating organic healthy foods lots of veggies and fruits etc!.
However at night I like to have frozen dinners because they are so easy, low calorie and cheap!. But I've also noticed that I haven't lost much weight since I've started (I wasn't expecting miracles but I was hoping for something!.!.), and I'm wondering if the frozen dinners are to blame!?
Any help is appreciated =][email protected]@Com

You may not be eating enough to support your activity level!. When that happens, your body goes into conservation mode and weight loss slows way down!. You may find that you start losing weight again when you start eating a little more!.

Weight watchers is big on this concept!. I know I met a number of people who jump-started their weight loss again by adding more food to their daily plan!.[email protected]@Com

How are your clothes fitting!? Don't judge by a scale!.!.!.when you excercise and run you gain muscle and that weighs more than fat so it is possible you won't lose weight but will lose in inches and become more firm!. If your clothes are looser then you are losing!.!.!.it just isn't showing as you are gaining more muscle!. That is a good thing!.!.!.it is a better metabolism!.

also!.!.!.some veggies and fruits are high in sugar!.!.!.even if it is natural!. It will slow down weight loss!. When you eat very cooked veggies like a baked potato!.!.!.which is really bad for you!.!.!.it goes right into your blood stream as sugar!.!.!.and stops the metabolism right there!.

Try eating more crispy fresh veggies!.!.!.cooked a little but still crispy!. Watch the carrots and peas and corn etc!.!.!.that are high in sugar!.!.!.and watch those fruits!. Berries are good!.!.!.!.watermelon etc are bad! Look for a glycemic index online and it will tell you what is high and what is low in sugar!. You want more fiber and protein and lower carb things!. Not NO CARBS!.!.!.there are good carbs and bad!. Whole grains are good!.!.!.white flour BAD!.!.!.!.!.look at a glycemic index![email protected]@Com

why dont you try smart ones those are frozen dinners but they are from weight watchers or even the south beach diet ones!. frozen dinners could be it or maybe your at a plateau in your weight loss!. try a healthier frozen dinner or an acctual meal and see if you start to lose again[email protected]@Com

I think it's OK to have them once in a while, be careful not to eat so much at night!. You should eat 3 hours before bedtime so you won't pack on unwanted lbs!.[email protected]@Com

Even though the frozen food may be lo-cal!. Im sure that there would be preservatives that contain trans or sat!. fat!.[email protected]@Com

yes its the frozen dinners u mite think their low in calories but really they're not they are very high in calories[email protected]@Com

'Encore' is a two pound FAMILY sized entre'!. Make sure you read the box![email protected]@Com

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