Left hummus out overnight?!

Question: Left hummus out overnight!?
I went food shopping yesterday and bought some hummus and forgot to put it in the fridge!. Then I noticed it this morning and put it in the fridge!. It was never opened or anything, but should it be okay to eat or should I just throw it out!?[email protected]@Com

Throw it out! The health department recommends not eating food that was left out for more than 4 hours!. This produces a perfect environment for bacteria to grow!. All bacteria need is the perfect temperature (41 F - 140 F) and enough time to reproduce!. A restaurant would be shut down if they served food that was left out overnight!. The same rule should be followed for people cooking at home!.[email protected]@Com

Oh, did you get those prepared little bowls of hummus!? I don't think it spoiled overnight, when I get mine from the supermarket, it's not even put in the fridge!.!.it's by the fridge!. So what you do is just open it, take a sniff and if it smells sour then toss it out!. But I think it should be fine because when I have hummus, I usually leave it out on the countertop because I like eating it at room tempterature!. Oh and btw, have some for me because you got me to crave it now lol grrr[email protected]@Com

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