Can you eat too many oranges???!

Question: Can you eat too many oranges!?!?!?
I ask because for the last few months I cut out nearly all boxed and canned foods!. So, most of my meals throughout the day require preparation, and sometimes I'm just not up to it!. So, I'll just grab an orange, and I'm good for a couple hours!. However, I've noticed I'm making a bit of a habit of it!. I've had an orange for breakfast for the last week!.!.lol!. Just because it's quick and easy!. It also satisfies my sugar cravings!. I think oranges are good for you, but can too much of a good thing be bad!?

I'd say I eat about 3 a day!.

If I changed to 3 different fruit would that be any better!?

Humor and sarcasm expected and welcomed :)[email protected]@Com

oranges contain fibre-a-plenty which is great for you, especially your digestive system
however, there's about 12g of sugar per orange (gda is 90g for women and 120g for men), so 3 might be a third of your daily sugar intake, so you need to be aware of that!.
also, they're quite acidic (around ph4) which isn't so good for your teeth or stomach
if you eat a variety of other fruit as well as oranges, it would probably be better from a acid point of view!. a banana, for example, is only a tiny bit acidic, but all fruit is pretty high in sugar as a general rule!.
I hope i've helped :)[email protected]@Com

Yeah I think you should switch it up, and eat differnt fruit!. I know if you eat oranges too much, your body is intaking too much vitamin c, which you probably think is good for you, (I did) but when you get a cold and you need your vitamin c the most, your body is already ammuned to the vitamin c so it wouldn't help you if you got sick!.[email protected]@Com

Eating three oranges every day can produce a prolonged effect!. It wears down the enamel in your teeth by chipping away at the coating from the acidic acids!. Not to mention, eating oranges too often can produce higher gas, ulcers, and can revoke the nutritional benefits of your orange eating habit!. Switch it up now and then!. Try bananas and grapes for a while!.[email protected]@Com

3 a day!? pshhh i eat like 5 in an hour lol!.
nahh its not bad for you at all!. the only bad thing is that if you start to work out (saying a person hasn't worked out for a while) then your muscles will be reallly sore due to lactic acid build-up!. but thats not even a problem because everyone gets sore if they dont work out in a while!. try to balance that acidity out with water tho and you're good!. the different fruit wouldn't harm yah!. ORANGES ARE YUMMY[email protected]@Com

Its not necessarily bad for you, but I remember when I was in high school, I was drinking like a gallon of OJ a day, and with stress (parents divorce) I ended up getting ulcers in my tummy!.
The Dr said it mostly started because of the stress, but the OJ intake didnt help a bit!.
So I say, your good as long as your parents arent getting a divorce!.!. lol!.!.
You'll be okay!.!.[email protected]@Com

Oranges aren't as good for you as people think!.

I'd suggest doing other fruits in addition because variety equals more nutrition!.

But hey --if it makes you happy and you're not wanting to do processed foods anymore, there are worse things you could be eating! :)[email protected]@Com

I just had 2 oranges and it only took me 2 minutes to peel and eat both of them! Oranges are Good!.!.!.!.!.

It's not a bad thing but it might be good to have three different fruit once in a while!. or maybe you could have an orange and two different fruit!.

:)[email protected]@Com

three a day is not a big deal, but if you dont eat something more alkaline on top of that, you are heading in a direction of getting stomache ulcers!. try eating some bananas or avocados also!. eat everything in moderation!.[email protected]@Com

Oranges are good for you, but as you said, they are high in sugar!. also, the citric acid might give you heartburn or ulcers in your mouth!. I would only change to less acidic fruit if problems arise!. Take care!.[email protected]@Com

three a day is not too much!. My husband will eat a dozen a day, thats too much and yes too much is bad for yah!. i had to encourage him to stop eating orange for a while!. A long while!.[email protected]@Com

I definitely doubt you can eat "too many" oranges!.
But why not vary your fruit diet with other sorts of fruit!?

Personally I am totally hooked on Strawberries!.[email protected]@Com

I don't think 3 a day would hurt you!. But yeah, definitely 3 different fruits is great!. You may even want to have 5, but be sure to get your vegetable and whole grain servings too!.[email protected]@Com

Maybe!. it depends if it gets to acidic and you start feeling pain in ur stomach cut out citrus from ur diet for a while!. other wise it is a great source of vitamin c[email protected]@Com

if they are tangerines or satsumas i can eat a great deal but if they are jaffa types i only eat about 2 no more!.[email protected]@Com

You can eat too much of anything -- except p***y!. lol[email protected]@Com

erm i suppose not i cud live off fruit if i had the chocie but ive heard u can get bad wind (lol) from eatin 2 much fruits like oranges or grapes! so up 2 u![email protected]@Com

I don't think you can overdose on Vitamin C!.!.!.so call the cops and tell them u gonna OD!.!.!.on oranges!.!.!.lmao[email protected]@Com

i eat about that many myself![email protected]@Com

hey KC dont u mean od on oj[email protected]@Com

In general I must say that I don't care for fruit but I do like oranges and have one every morning along with hot oatmeal for breakfast!. I very often have one in the afternoon and again in the evening!. Thing is I don't care very much for sweet things such as pop or chips!. My evening choice of a snack will either be an orange or some popcorn that I prefer to pop myself - not the microwaveable bags!.

I don't have any health problems from eating oranges and I'm 70 yrs old!. Enjoy!. My doctor is very happy to have me eating as many oranges as sometimes 3 a day because she knows I'm not going to eat other fruits!.[email protected]@Com

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