Can chocolate go bad?!

Question: Yeah, it's gross. It looks white and weird.

Answers: Yeah, it's gross. It looks white and weird.


It will go rancid before it spoils in any other way because it contains fats.

yes when it looks dry

Yeah, it becomes real nasty

I have never had it go bad. Baker's chocolate can sit around for years and still be good. As it gets older it might get a whitish appearance but it is still good. Mostly, chocolate doesn't get to sit around me for long enough to be a problem.

candy lasts a long time though

yes it can

Yes but after a long while.

yes after a while it tatse disguusting and it gets white



Not around this house!!!

Surely you jest! I never have it around long enough to find out. ;)

Well, all edibles do go bad except there is a time limit. A few years ago when I went to buy Godiva chocolates this is the exact question I asked modified by in how long a time? The lady in Oakbrook Shopping Center explained to me that if I keep it in the fridge it will not go bad (and retain its original taste and flavor without in the least going bad for at least two and a half months. If left at room temperature of course it would start turning white at the top but without compromising on taste and quality for up till one and a half months and even longer if the room is air conditioned . The best way to keep it fresh is to freeze it in which case they would remain fresh and and not affected in any way up till a period of six months. This fact can be verified from Godiva shop in Oakbrook. In hot and humid climates, without any temperature control, of course it would go bad in about one month's time. So, I guess this should answer your concerns about them going bad. If you want to store some for about six months I can do that in my deep freezer, we have a huge one with plenty of room to spare for the chocolates. Good luck. Ray.

u know if it has a nasty taste to it.

well if you want me and you can share it and it wont go bad ok how does that sound

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