What do arabs eat?!

Question: Ok i know that dont eat pork but what other things do they eat? Camel, sheep etc? what kind of dishes do they have? I am planning to travel to arabia and am scared. I heard from my dad's friend that their food is not good. Is it true they eat Sheep oysters and the brains of sheep?

Answers: Ok i know that dont eat pork but what other things do they eat? Camel, sheep etc? what kind of dishes do they have? I am planning to travel to arabia and am scared. I heard from my dad's friend that their food is not good. Is it true they eat Sheep oysters and the brains of sheep?

Actually, prohibition of pork is part of the Muslim religion. Not all Arabs are Muslim. Pork is available in the supermarkets and delis. Even some non-practicing Muslims eat pork and drink alcohol... In the more open (westernized) countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and UAE (and a couple others) it really is a matter of choice. That said, there are some more traditional dishes (such as lamb brains) that some people still like to eat till today. But, you don't have to worry, no one will ever slip one onto your plate, nor are you ever forced to eat anything you don't want to eat. There are also TONS of restaurants that serve non-Arabic cuisine and yes, there's even Starbucks...
So relax, because Arabic cuisine is the best out there and there is so much variety ranging from vegetarian to meat-lover to traditional....

Arabic food is one of the most flavorful food there is. they use a lot of herbs and spices to enhance taste.

It is indeed true that they eat sheep oysters and sheep brains but so do the French.

There is so much more to arabic food than brains and stuff. You'll find food that you'll like even if you're not an adventurous eater.

enjoy your travel!

your dad' friend lost his taste of food babe...
Arabic food is the best, they eat everything apart from pork, other types of meat are available every where.. even u can eat mc Donald's, pizza hut, kfc, pastas... etc if you want to have them there..

try mix grilled selection of meat with a selection of fresh salads (humous, tabula, cucumber &yougert, baba ghanug, feta cheese salad...)
and the samosa, ah they are so many types of them, only thinking of dessert will make you put on 10kg a week!!

people should respect other nation' food especailly your father' friend

They eat Arabic food of course! It's tasty and healthy food. It depends on what country and region but I assume you are talking SA, so here's some good links --





They do eat alot of lamb, some chicken and also some other food like camels, sheep oysters and brains but there's lots of other good stuff too, so you dont need to eat any of the weird food if you dont want.

If worse comes to worse, they do have lots of Pizza Hut, McD's, TGIF, Subway, KFC, Dominos....

But do try the local cuisine, it's delicious and you will find many familiar items like pita, falafel, hummus, dolmas, baba ghanouj, kibbe....

Just keep an open mind and enjoy! Be a traveller!

they do no prepare their meals cleanly. keep in mind the reasons for the weird hand shakes.(available toilet tissue), available h20 etc. I recommend a visit to new jersey, Lots of Arabs there.

Arabia, where's that then? Food from that region is absolutely fine - it is unlikely that you will be in a situation where you are likely to be offered sheeps eyes and that's about the only really difficult thing they eat.

uh duh, EAU is one of the more modern countries there are. All food should be available. They are not MARTIANS but human too......remember that......keep you bias at home and bring an open mind. You will fare better.

Like there are NO Christian Arabs,, Jewish, or Buddhists..- -
come on now.
I will bet you can eat at Micky D's there.
Not all people follow religious LAW when it comes to eating.
PS: I don't believe you.

Okay...so what part of "arabia" are you visiting? I was born in Morocco and raised in Chicago, where I tasted some of the best food ever with some of my Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian friends. All in all, yes there are some "strange" foods that you could avoid but generally the Meditteranian (sp.)diet is one of the most healthy. We enjoy lean cuts of beef and lamb and goat, loads of fresh fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. Ummm I can see why the "brains of sheep" would concern you, but I haven't seen this anywhere. But if I did it couldn't be any different than Menudo or Chitterlings, bottom line, every culture has strange foods to offer and it's up to you to decide. Be open, you may realize you have aquired a new taste. Great Luck!!!

Arabian/Middle Eastern food is based heavily on beans, chickpeas, rice, noodles, chicken, sheep, goat, yoghurt, cheese, flat white bread and fruits (especially dates). You can also get beef and camel meat, but chicken and sheep are more common. The sweets are mostly pastries with nuts soaked in honey. I find the food quite tasty. I especially love the street-snack sandwiches with Falafel, Fool Madammas, Baba Ganouj or Hummus. Kushari will remind you of noodles with tomato sauce and Tabuleh is something I prepare on a regular basis. It is perfectly possible to live in the Middle East for years without ever having to eat sheep oysters or sheep brain - I never came across these things in my time there btw. (Though I am confident you could order them from a butcher if you wanted to.)

I suggest you look up the following dishes
Kushari (Egyptian)
Samak Masguof (ie Fish done Masgouf-style)
Kunafah (also called Kadaif)
Couscous (Moroccan)
Baba Ganouj
Kibbeh nayyeh


arab christians do eat pork meat, while arab muslims dont. well im a foreigner and tried almost all kinds of food of the arabs. they have fantastic and delicious dishes that are not available in other countries. not all arabs eats camel meat, mostly they prefer chickens, lambs and goats meat. your dad's friend i considered him ignorant and just want to comment about the arabs. and you dont have to be scared as arab dishes are one of the bests and so the people. you are not force to eat what you dont want. hope you enjoy your travel.

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