What does "pika-pika" mean?!

Question: I heard this in a resto-bar

Answers: I heard this in a resto-bar
What kind of resto-bar was it?

In the Philippines, pica-pica means finger foods, usually snack or appetizer-type.
"Pika-pika" as in peek-a-look.
in japanese it means shining...i think let me just check

yep it is or twinkling/glittering depending on context
I think it's a spicy sauce from Portugal.
"pika pika"

as in peek a look.
Pikapika are also the shoots of ferns and bracken.

Bracken is a large, coarse fern. The plant is a known carcinogen to animals such as mice, and communities (mainly in Japan and Korea) where the young stems are used as a vegetable have some of the highest stomach cancer rates in the world. The spores have also been implicated as a carcinogen.

The word bracken is of Old Norse origin, related to the Swedish word br?ken, meaning fern.
Finger Food
its finger-foods like hotdog in toothpicks... chips... cube size sandwiches... peanuts or caschew nuts... sort of an appetizer
Isn't it Thai for hot-hot (food)?
They are the Filipino version of tapas or small bites, mainly finger foods. They are great appetizers.

It means it has piripiri wich is a very hot chili.
In spanish "pica" means to poke, also "pica" can mean spicy. It depends the way its said. If you are eating and you say "pica, pica" it means its really spicy.
Please note the "c" is pronounced like a "k"

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