What is the hottest thing that you have ever eaten?!

Question: What is the hottest thing that you have ever eaten?

Hot wings from the Filling Station restaurant...I can handle some spicy stuff but these almost killed us, we had the manager, servers and some kitchen staff watching us eat them. Our noses were runny, eyes watery, tongue and lips on fire but we finshed the damn things (more out of pride since we had an audience).

My brother makes this pork stew with tomatoes, onions and all the chilies he can find (habaneros, jalape?os, serranos, chipotles, poblanos, chile de arbol, etc.) It's delicious but after a few bites you can't eat anymore.

Almost forgot, when my other brother owned a Mexican taco place he bought this stuff that is extract from some super hot chili and it comes in this bottle with a dropper. He got it to add spice to dishes. But one night we were bored and we each had 1 drop....that IS the hottest thing I've ever had.

Hot spicy? A tiny bit of Dave's Insanity Sauce. That **** is just a gimmick. You could use pepper spray for the same effect.


Habanero gumbo

Sandra Bullach

Naga chillies

habenero peppers right out of the garden.

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