Do you know the name of some green soup?!

Question: Do you know the name of some green soup?
... either from Belgium, France or the Netherlands?

I came across a box of soup mix, but couldn't tell what kind it was because the box's text was only in Dutch and French.

From my super-super limited French, I was able to see "spinach" and "potato" in the ingredients.

Going to --the soup in question's company-- also wasn't easy; it was also in only Dutch and French.


The one i think you mean is called "chervil" but you cant find out what is in that make from the website as it doesn't show you the ingredients of the products.
Chervil is actually a herb belonging to the carrot family.
Chervil soup contains a few different vegetables such as leeks, potato's and spinach as well as chervil.

cream of spinach soup comes to mind.
Some cooks use cooked potato to thicken a soup since it adds no real flavor and gives a nice mouth feel to a cream soup and some feel it tastes better than using flour to thicken.

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