How to make fish tacos?!

Question: How to make fish tacos?
I'm really confused as to how to make good fish tacos. My wife says I can find the necessary ingredients in our bedroom but I haven't found anything (although I did find some mayo on the sheets, which is weird because we never eat in bed). Please help!


catch a fish, put it in a tortila.

It works best with beer battered fish (or you can use beer battered shrimp too). If you're intimidated by making a beer batter, Gorton's has some pretty good frozen pub fish tenders, or you can hit up Long John Silver's. Then just put in a tortilla like a regular taco, add lettuce and tomatos, salsa, sour cream, chives, whatever you normally like on a taco.

I sometimes take breaded shrimp and put it in a soft shell tortilla with some lettuce and sour cream.
You can also take some flaked white fish, cook it in a pan with some butter and season it with chipotle. Then put it in a soft shell tortilla with some sour cream and diced sweet onion. Hope this helps!

bread a piece of pollack with beer and egg batter then fry till crispy serve on corn tortilla with a side of yougurt and salsa mixture topped with cabbage....squeeze a wedge of lime on top.

past experience in kitchen at my house.

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