does the name *Cafe' de Lo Calorie* appeal to you?!

Question: Does the name *Cafe' de Lo Calorie* appeal to you?
its a name of a cafe that sells low calorie food.

is it right? i dont know french?


Sorry, I have to agree that it's not a very appealing name.

How about "Cafe De-Lite"?

It would indicate that the food is delightful, and yet "lite" in calories.

Nope. When most people think of low calorie food they think of food that is boring or does not taste good. The fact that the food is low in calories should a surprise not obvious.

Pretty much. Just Calorie doesn't sound right...Not that it's wrong but for me it doesn't sound like cafe name :D

It doesn't appeal.

No it doesn't. Not because I know what it just doesn't flow

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