What makes a pizza great? The sauce, or the cheese?!

Question: What makes a pizza great? The sauce, or the cheese?
I was having this debate with a friend yesterday. I'm lactarded, so I can't have cheese on my pizza. He was curious how I could enjoy pizza without the most important ingredient. He thinks cheese is the catalyst to a good pizza, where as I think, it's the sauce. Who's right?


1) dough 2) sauce 3) toppings (including cheese)

Was a pizzero for many years; italian wood oven, neapolitan style, organic, italian flour, italian tomatoes

I think you're right. One of my favourite pizzas is without cheese.
It's called called 'pizza marinara'. It's a classic and you find it in every pizzeria in Italy.
It has tomato sauce, oregano, finely-minced garlic and extra virgin olive oil on it: it's superb!

Another type of pizza that usually has no cheese on top is 'pizza ai frutti di mare', ie. seafood pizza.

Personally I think the catalyst to a good pizza is not only the sauce but also the dough, I love the consistency of authentic Napoli-style pizza.
As for the oven, pizza should be baked in a wood-fired one.

Ciao :)

Personally, I think a great crust makes a great pizza. It must be deep dish, slightly oily from good EVOO, and baked just to the point of being a little black/brown for crispiness.

After the crust, I would agree with you, I need a good sauce. Cheese is necessary, but I think the sauce and the crust set the pizza apart for me.

Cheese is very good but.....If you're lactarded, you need to concentrate on a good sauce so you can enjoy it. I LOVE pizza and if I couldn't eat cheese, I'd find a way to eat pizza without cheese :)
Pizza without cheese is better than going without pizza.

probably the sauce, it has to be nice and have a lot of herbs in it like oregano and basil but i hate it when they put bbq sauce on it

For me it's the sauce. I don't eat a lot of cheese in my diet therefore I always get "low cheese" or "no cheese" on my pizza and it still tastes very good.

Actually the cheese...but it depends on the person who eat pizza!!If you don't like cheese obviously you like more the sauce and vice versa!!!!

Can be less hungry for pizza, but also delicious, so that the pizza great.

CHEESE!! :) specially if its melted & gooey...it sticks all the other ingredients 2gether & makes it more tasty!!

your right, the sauce is awesome. Especially with basil in it :)

you are both right it depends on each person because everyone has different tastes :)

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