Is long john silvers black people food?!

Question: Is long john silvers black people food?
My daddy won't take us to long john silvers because he says its black people food but I say it ain't cuz they got white people in there commercials. I said i's gonna look it up and if I'm right he gotta take me next time we go to the city.


My answer would be no, because the food itself is not, but maybe the workers in some areas are more geared towards serving blacks.
I think the reason why your dad said that was because there was a complaint that a black worker at Long John Silvers left a caucasian person waiting because black people came in and went right up in line, even though the caucasion person came in first. The black people ended up being served first. The person described it as a "'hate whitey' attitude" You can read the full story at
Where I live, we don't have those problems, but if you have that type of situation in your area, I think that's the reason.

It's nobodys food in my opinion, since they started using thinly sliced pollock instead of the good fish they were selling 30 years ago.

That's not very nice.
It's everybody food!!

Except me, I don't like fast food. Try some fruits and veggies! ;)

Where do you live that saying something that is socially acceptable? No. It's not black people food. It's food for people who like cheap seafood.

Noo it's not it's fried fish which even though it is a nasty sterotype is not "black" people food.

Long john silvers is for anyone who is hungry and likes to eat it.

I think you are a troll and if this is true your dad is a small minded A**

it's dog food

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