Is there any way to use the leftover water after making Paneer?!

Question: Is there any way to use the leftover water after making Paneer?

The watery liquid is whey,rich in protein so should be used in as many ways as possible.Since it is a good source of nutrition you are right in finding out ways for it's use.As already suggested use it instead of water to knead dough or use part water & part whey,can be used similarly when making a flour or besan (split pea flour) batter.
Use to thin gravies,dal,sauces,adds to the taste beside being a good protein source.
Good to make chilled drinks sweet or savoury,flavor as desired.Add to shakes.I'm sure you will think up many more uses around the kitchen.

i make sure not to waste anything nutritious.

Not I know of. Paneer is made just like Russian cottage cheese. The left over water that you purposefully squeeze out causes bad indigestion.


as the other two has suggested the leftover water after making paneer can be utilized to make roti dough which make the rotis tasty and softy

Use the left over water to dough for making paratha or purries
Atta guthene ke samaya pani ki jagah paneer ka pani kam me lo good taste

leftover water can be used to dough the at tar.its nutritious.

ya.. u use the water to make a Rasaculla..........

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