Is the american spice Saffron and the chinese herb Hong Hua the same thing?!

Question: Is the american spice Saffron and the chinese herb Hong Hua the same thing?
Does the two have the same effects (regulating blood flow/irregular menstrual) or is it just a substitute one for the other? Detailed information please. I was looking to order the Hong Hua online but if I can purchase it in the store (exact item with a different name) than that willl be better.

If you can also provide preperation details that would also be great.


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American Saffron and Hong Hua are the same thing-->Safflower seed aka 'Fake Saffron'
Saffron as in from the crocus plant is totally different and like $20 for 2 grams. Hella expensive.

And yes, Hong Hua helps with blood flow/menstruation. Some grocery stores sell American Saffron but mine does not, they only carry regular Saffron.

My 'The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs" says Peony helps nourish blood and repair of the lining of the female reproductive system. Yarrow helps treat menstrual cramps and heavy and painful vaginal bleeding.

Hong Hua is safflower, not saffron. The two are very different. Saffron, which is the stigmas of the crocus sativus (saffron) bloom, is the world's most expensive spice. Safflower is a thistle-like flower which has several medical and commercial uses.

For information on Hong Hua used as a medicine see……

saffron farmer

Saffron is spanish in origin and is extremely expensive. American saffron is made from the Safflowers, is rather cheap and will provide color but not flavor to recipes. It is similar to Hong Hua. I would definitely consult you physician prior to using this "herb".… -

Saffron is very expensive. I don't think it is practical to use for medicinal purposes. If you really want to regulate your menstrual cycles I would recommend talking to your doctor. Otherwise I would look into other remedies.……

It's AMAZING Hope this helps!

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