So do udon noodles taste the same as linguine..?!

Question: So do udon noodles taste the same as linguine..?
I am making a shrimp pasta something or other tonight, if i exchange whole grain linguine or whole grain udon will it taste pretty much the same?


No. Udon and linguine are very different and they are not that interchangeable.

The size of udon and linguine are very different already. The texture between the two will be very different. Their reactions to moisture (sauces) won't be the same too. I'm sure the final product will be very edible but it will be a completely different dish.

Ramen noodles (not the instant noodle), are much closer to linguine than udon noodles.

Udon taste differnt than Linguine. They are both Great noodles. Udon is Japanese style they are thicker and have a different seasoning. Linguine is thin and flat not as round and is usually served in italian cooking. Udon is served in Japanese Cuisine.

I think I have that recipe -- Japanese shrimp noodle salad? I always use whole wheat linguine.

the texture will taste different. they both are amazing with shrimp! I worked at a pasta place!

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