What is your favorite kind of bagel?!

Question: What is your favorite kind of bagel?
I'm referring to flavor, not brand name


Cheese Bagel for sure

If you have never had a real bagel, not a Noahs or one from a market, you have not had a bagel.

Bagels should be boiled, then baked. Try one from Schwartz's bakery in Hollywood. I'm sure there are places in NY that still make real bagels.

If they call it a plain bagel it's not worth eating, if they call it a water bagel then they know what they are doing.


the everything bagel (the ones with poppy seeds, caraway seeds, seasame, garlic etc)

The everything bagel.

Cinamon & Raisin.

Try sun-dried tomato bagels. WOW!

cinnamon &raisin

jalapeno with Cheddar cheese


toasted w strawberry cream cheese.. plain babel..

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