How has Asia influenced British cuisine?!

Question: How has Asia influenced British cuisine?

Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of the UK now.
Indian food is the most popular food in UK, after english food- it comes from the centuries that the Empire was camping out in India and the subcontinent.
Now, there are better Indian restaurants in UK than India...kind of.

The English love pita bread, hummous, curry, and have a huge pakistani population too.
Bengali cuisine is huge there too, a massive population of Bangalis live in the midlands.

The English drink tea all day long. Tea came from India, and now the British are hooked.
Quinine- in bitter lemon and soda= is really popular, from the days of the colonies in Aisa, when malaria was a killer- quinine was drunk to ward off malaria. The taste stuck and now BItter lemon and tonic water with quinine is drunk a lot.

There's a huge Chinese population in UK too, many Chinese restaurants.

Well, there's an Indian or Pakistani restaurant on every other street corner in the UK, it seems. Curry has become the de facto national dish in the UK.

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