Do Japanise eat garlic in their cuisine?!

Question: Do Japanise eat garlic in their cuisine?
As long I can remember when I eat Japanese food, they never put garlic in the ingredients.


Japanese normally don't use large amounts of garlic in their dishes but they do use them.

Quite a few yakiniku dishes contained garlic. Some yakitory dishes contained garlic. Some shogayaki dishes contained garlic. Stir-fried dishes such as spicy squid/cuttlefish could contain garlic. Certain types of fish balls contained garlic too.

I would assume so, its not like all japanese people will die if they try a specific food, my guess is that you just havnt had a jappanese cusine with food in it? but yeah they eat garlic.

I know that there is garlic powder in the dressing they give you on the salad. It's not in sushi or miso, but im pretty sure they include it in teritaki

Yes they do!! but not all of them. Japanese restaurants uses a bulk of garlic.

Yeah, but not a lot.

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