What is Germany's national dish?!

Question: What is Germany's national dish?
What dish/cuisine is consumed the most Germans? What is the national dish of Germany?


i agree with I******freund and First L. there is no typical national german dish because every little region has its own specialities.
apart from that, we have the same variety of all possible foods as other western societies. considering there are about 82 million inhabitants with different tastes, it′s hardly possible to point out the most popular dish countrywide.
popular foreign cuisines are mainly italian, chinese, greek, turkish and many more, and not to forget fast food restaurants like mc donalds, burger king, subway etc. which are spread all over the country.
the image that americans have about our eating habits (nothing but sauerkraut, potatoes and pork, pork, pork) is very outdated, a leftover from about 60 years ago, and today only present in your media and your german restaurants in the US. in fact, nobody over here would eat the same 3 or 4 boring food items every single day. that′s like assuming all americans eat nothing but hot dogs and burgers all day long.

native german

At least here in the US, based on our experience with German restaurants in the US, we imagine that Germans eat things like Sauerbraten, Wiener Schnitzel, Kassler Ribchen, and roast pork on a daily basis, always with a side order of Sauerkraut or Rotkohl and Spaetzle or potatoes. I'm sure many Germans did all those dishes at some time in their history, and that at least some still do, but Germany is a very cosmopolitan nation these days, are are as likely to eat boeuf bourgignon, lasagne, pizza, lo mein, sushi, paella, shish-kebab, and enchiladas as any other Western nation.

We don′t have a national dish. Germany consists of many very different regions, tribes and ethnics.
But the most I guess junk food like Currywurst mit Pommes, Big Mac or D?ner Kebab perhaps Gyros.
But that is not our national dish.

"Bratwurst mit Brot und Senf" the big bratwurst with mustard and a slice of bread is quite a German meal... a lot of sausages are German.

lived there for 4 years

Saturated fat..(fattich saturaten)

Liver worth

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