Making Sushi with Soy Wrappers?!

Question: Making Sushi with Soy Wrappers?
How different are the steps from using Nori (seaweed). I know the soy is more fragile but is there any certain way that you are suppose to handle and prepare it that is different from traditional nori made sushi?

Thank you for your help.


You can use soy wrappers exactly as you would nori for making maki-zushi rolls, but I think that they are probably better for making temaki-zushi, the larger, hand rolled variety.
Like you mentioned they can be a bit more delicate, but there is no preparation that you need to do and can use them straight from the packet.

I like to use them occasionally as some of them come is a selection of different flavours and colours which make them quite interesting as an alternative for nori. They are definitely healthy too!

You can buy them online from Japan Centre that delivers to anywhere in Europe:

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