I'm going to a Korean restaurant for the first time?!

Question: I'm going to a Korean restaurant for the first time?
What are some dishes we just have to try?

Thanks in advance!


Korean restaurants will present you with a selection of small dishes as appetizers. This usually includes various pickles, kim chee, maybe a small fish, etc.

Jap Chae - a type of noodle, may also be part of the small dishes they bring to your table.

Bi Bim Bop - hot pot with rice, an egg, veggies and meat. You can eat separately or mix it all up. Hot sauce is served on the side.

Bul Gol Gi - Korean style barbecued steak. Also available in chicken, pork, and spare ribs.

Tofu hotpot - A rich soup with lots of tofu and various other ingredients (depends on the type you choose.)

Korean seafood pancake (I forget the actual name - usually an appetizer.) Looks like a small pizza topped with various vegetables and seafood.

Be sure you indicate the spiciness of your food. Koreans like quite spicy food.

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