Why does indian food taste so good than any other food?!

Question: Why does indian food taste so good than any other food?
I am an american who didn't know how indian food tasted. After eating, there was magic going on in my mouth. I was amazed at the spices that it had?

Can I find tasty food like Indian from any other country


It really is good.
If you like that, you would like Malaysian= Malaysia has native Indians, Chinese and Malaysians living in the country- the INdian population has been there for 100's of years- sometimes you get a fusion of indian and Malay food- spicey, noodles. So good.
SIngaporean too.

If you can ever eat real Burmese food- it's got the spices of Indian and the influence of the eastern ASia countries= Thailand and CAmbodia.

But Indian is amazing food.
Try finding a good south indian restaurant. It is the best food in the world.

Maybe u were starving just before eating Indian food; that's why it tasted fantastic.
Taste is always acquired; so if u r brought up eating spicy food, u r crave for it. Eskimos eat seal meat without cooking. Siberians eat belly fat which is not cooked but aired n sprinkled with salt. Taiwanese love a kind of bean curd which smell exactly like faeces !

Ethiopian is my favorite. It has many of the same spices and similar flavors. You can buy all those spices in the U.S. and make some pretty good Indian. I make butter chicken or murgh makhani pretty often.

I think it is a matter of choice. Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese cooking all use many of the same ingredients. You might want to try those as well.

Singapore. I only like their Biryani and Roti Prata.

they have the best spices in the world. i'm no racist but eating to much indian food will result into body odor.

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