If hummus is an arab dish, then why is it greek in the commercials?!?!

Question: If hummus is an arab dish, then why is it greek in the commercials?!?
I'm deeply offended by this! I just saw a commercial that depicted hummus as greek food rather than arab food only by paying the most attention to the olive oil. Well you know what!? Olive oil isnt only greek! My family eats it all the time and WE should be known for olive oil and hummus!!!

Sorry it may seem weird, but how would an asian person feel if sushi were commercialized as hawaiian food?!?


Perhaps the Greeks have acquired a taste for hummus and are now claiming it as their own. More likely is that since the Middle east and anything associated with it has been the subject of negative press the last few decades, that it may be easier to market hummus as a "Greek" food (European) rather than Middle-eastern/Arab food. I have noticed that pita bread, also called Arabic bread, is often labeled as "pocket bread" or "kangaroo bread" and believe that it is called that just to be more acceptable to those who would shun anything from Middle-eastern or Arabic origins.

More it is because it was adapted from the original recipe in the Middle east when the Greeks like the Romans were the overlord in the are, Olive oil is not really greek either, like coffee it has been brought adapted to or adulterated in other places, your right about the Asian comment, now most places have sushi, Chinese foods and other foreign or non traditional foods, when I worked in Asia, thing like pizza, hamburgers, and other non traditional food were available, some a bit different then those I knew when I was a lad here in Canada, Chickpeas were actually introduced to Europe by the Persians.

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