Is there a restaurant in America where they serve animal testicles?!

Question: Is there a restaurant in America where they serve animal testicles?
I know that there are testicle festival somewhere around the year in Texas.I have eaten fried bunny balls and it was delicious...So i need a restaurant where life stock animals are neutered and their animal hood is chopped,fried and eaten.Sounds barbaric but delicious.I hope no one is offended by this,thank you!


There are places here in the west that serve Rocky Mtn Oysters which are bull balls. I don't know if they chop them up or serve them whole but there are a few places that do them.

The only one I know of for sure is The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. They have buffalo, elk, rattlesnake, etc.

The Harris Ranch Steak House on I-5 just north of the "Grapevine" north of Los Angeles county serves bull testicles, also known as "Rocky Mountain Oysters".

Look up the Testicle Festivals and see what they say. They are often called prairie oysters.

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