Is there any nutrional value in Ramen Noodles?!

Question: Is there any nutrional value in Ramen Noodles?
Ramen Noodles are very cheap, easy to prepare, and I love to add my goodies to them, such as dried wild mushrooms.


Here you go! Nutritional information for Ramen Noodles:

Well, there is a Nutritional Content label on the package that will tell you the details of what's in it, so read it.

Personally, I doubt there's much "value" to them, and they are VERY high in sodium, too.

They are delicious, though, aren't they? Mmm.

Good luck!... :-D

theres no health benefits in eating them, just empty carbs.

like rice cakes, its jsut air.

so really it would be better to eat like wholegrain pasta, instead... cus its the same liek calorie content, but wholewheat pasta is atleast wholewheat!!

They are full of carbohydrates, fat (they're deep-fried, after all), and sodium, all things you're better off trying to limit in your diet. But yes, they are tasty.

The Ramen Noodles do have some Iron, but that is all.

Not much. Full of carbs and high in sodium.

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