how come its so easy to over eat Chinese food?!

Question: How come its so easy to over eat Chinese food?

Because YOU like it so much, you just can't quit eating until you are stuffed. If the food was nasty, you wouldn't overeat.

because its the best food ever... :) can neevr get anough and its like the tasitest thing ever, but one of the worst fatty/calorific foods! haha :)

Because it is buffet style. Plus: it is sweet & salty. Everything we crave.
It has so many calories that even a little plate of the wrong (fatty) food can be over 800 calories

lubrication of the oily foods pass through your system making you feel as if you have not eaten anything causes you to think you are not full and keep on constantly eating

it has an ingredient that after 10 minutes you get hungry again

it digests quickly

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