When I eat spicy food, I only taste burning.?!

Question: When I eat spicy food, I only taste burning.?
I feel like I'm missing something. Whenever I eat something too spicy, I can't taste the dang food. It just burns. I would like to be able to enjoy hot sauces but for me it is all one flavor and sensation. And that would be "OUCH".

So wtf?


Start off with milder spicy food and work your way up. You have to crawl before you can walk

Well if you mean Tobasco sauce, then I'm with you. Tobasco sauce just tastes like smoke and totally artificial.

Try chopping a jalapeno pepper and mixing it in a large pot of soup. You will taste spice and not just burn. Or order Tom Yum soup at a Thai restaurant or eat kimchi in a Korean restaurant.

ease of the hot stuff and start bit by bit until you reach your comfort spice level until then keep a fire exstnguisher handy by the sound of it

Eat milder food and gradually build up a tolerance.

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