do u like italian food?!

Question: Do u like italian food?

Yes,a lot.I'm putting on weight 'cause of italian food.°

My husband is the GM of a Carrabba's so I'd have to say I have gotten quite used to Italian food and i LOVE it.

Years of eating at Italian restaurants.

Yes. Being a professional chef I must say it's really fresh & itsn't just pizzas & pastas

Professional experience

As a matter of fact I do but only in Italy where you do get real italian foods.
Not talking about pizzas.

I love Italian food! There's nothing on an Italian menu that I wouldn't be happy to have.

I'm half italian so practically obliged too lol

Hmmm Italiano food. No. I prefer Spicy Asian Food

yes, but i tire of all the pasta after a while.

It's not diverse enough.


Just pizza

Some, not all.

I love it.




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