What size of pizza do you usually order.?!

Question: What size of pizza do you usually order.?

The very very large one.

depends on how many people I am feeding, for 5 people I get 2 large, there is always some left over, but that works for me, I like a nighttime snack of pizza, and the kids like pizza for breakfast!
one large will feed 3-4 adults.

For just my husband and myself, we get a large if we're just getting one pizza. If we're getting two, then we get two mediums.

When its me and my sis a medium
me and my fam. usually a large even a xl

Depends on the specials usually, normally medium.

we usually get the large.

large just loveeeeeeeeeee pizza

Medium for one or large for 2 people.

Deep dish

LARGE. Go big or go home.

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