If you eat CORNBREAD this is for U?!

Question: If you eat CORNBREAD this is for U?
How do you like it made? Fried like pancakes or baked? What do you like to eat with it most? What do you put on it?


baked usually muffins. I like it with spicy things like chili and chorizo

or with breakfast, eggs and homefries and sausage. mmm

I just put butter on it. Sometimes if I make them like griddle cakes I put grape jelly on them

I like it baked. I like to eat it with chili, stew, beans, fried potatoes... lots of stuff.

If I'm eating it by itself I like butter and grape jelly. Also love it with cream gravy.

I like mine baked with jalapeno peppers. I usually like to eat them with baked chicken.

cornbread with macaroni taste awesome

I like it baked with home made ham and bean soup. I'm having that tonight for dinner.

Hot muffins with butter.

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