Does steaming or boiling vegetables remove the vitamins and nutrients?!


Does steaming or boiling vegetables remove the vitamins and nutrients?

Yes, but if you use the water to make a broth or soup that is good for you!

BOILING does , steaming does not

Boiling removes more than steaming. So if you have to cook them I'd say steam them.

yes it does

If you steam or boil for too long it will.

Boiling removes the most nutrients as they leach out into the water. Steaming isn't as bad. Believe it or not, microwave is best way to cook veggies and keep the most nutrients.

Just read it on here or in Health magazine.

All cooking removes some vitamins and nutrients. Steaming removes the least, boiling more so, depending on how much water you use and how long you cook them.

Steaming is the best way of preserving the nutrients in veg as many of them are water soluble and leech into the water when veg are boiled.

boiling does because of the excess water and all. If you steam them there's less water and the top keeps the good stuff in. When you boil you dont usually use a top.

Boiling does, most of the nutrients end up in the boiling water...steaming them keeps more in the veggies and I think tastes a little better.

I've heard that.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you boil them is when you lose the important parts of the Veggie.. I had to ask that question before also thats how I know the answer so good luck hun and hope that helps....

Boiling veggies does this. :(


It is best to steam all vegetables as this saves the vitamins & nutrients more so than boiling.

the more you process vegatables and fruits the less nutrients it has. if you cook fresh vegatables they will have more nutrients then canned vegatables you cook.

They both remove some nutrients. Steaming is much more healthy than boiling. If you boil, just boil for a minute or two.

Not as much as other ways of cooking.
PS - You should enjoy ur food however u like it - still we won't live forever...

if you over cook them yes.

steaming veg saves most of the vitamins
boiling loses a lot,as they are immersed in the water

boiling does steaming not as much boiling ur washing out the nutrients and it falls into the water which u dump anyways steaming u don't wash off or away the nutrition vitamins it just cooks best to steam and steam in microwave and cook in microwave lol

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