Easy Spanish Recipes in Spanish and English?!

Question: Easy Spanish Recipes in Spanish and English?
For spanish i need to get an easy recipe to make/buy at home and bring to school. it has to be easy, can be a dessert, easy to carry around, and not too much meat like empanadas(because i don't like meat too much.) i need the recipe in spanish AND english!!!

thank youss<3


Flan is a really good dessert, and is super easy to make. You can buy an instant flan pack, as well. Just google the recipe and translate it into English with a basic translator like Alta Vista Babelfish. You could also make Guacamole and take in tortilla chips to go with it. Super easy as it only requires avocados, onions, tomato, (a chili <--only if you want spice), salt, and juice from a lime.

Good luck.

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