What kind of tapas would you recommend in spain and portugual?!

Question: What kind of tapas would you recommend in spain and portugual?
suggestions please


My friend studied in Spain and said if you are in a coastal area, anything with fresh seafood is good (mussels, shrimp, etc). Otherwise, something I liked based on her recommendation was the "patatas bravas" (potatoes with a semi-spicy mayo sauce).

Sorry native Spaniards and Portugese if my description of the potato dish was off. That's what I remember it as~

I don't know if paella is considered tapas but that was also recommended. Paella is a rice dish cooked with different vegetables, meat, or seafood and is a nice hearty meal to be shared with others.

friend who studied in Spain (near Barcelona)

A "tapa" can be anything. I recommend you try them all. If you turn your nose up at something you will only be cheating yourself.

Go to Spain frequently, had a lot of tapas

All of them. Try as many as you can.


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