Thick or Thin Crust Pizza?!

Question: Thick or Thin Crust Pizza?
Which is better thick crust like Papa Johns or thin crust like any NY style pizzeria.


If the dough is good, thick crust all the way baby.

I personally prefer deep dish supreme (from Pizza Hut most of the time)
I like the thick crust at Papa Johns, but sometimes it tastes like cardboard. NY style pizza isn't as easy to screw up, so I'd go with the NY style pizza. They usually use family recipes and put more work into making the pizza fresh and taste good.

I definitely prefer thin crust -- to much doughy stuff gets in the way of the more important flavors of the toppings. The crust is just supposed to be base for the toppings, it shouldn't dominate.

Thin is more traditional. Neapolitans don't muck about with all that thick crust stuff!

Thick crust w little sauce, if at all.

Lots of toppings - peppers, onions and meat. :)

Thin crust.
Except not from Pizza Hut. It just tastes like a cracker there.

Thin crust..

i love the thin crust from papa john's :D

thin crust

Personally it depends on the person, they may like thick (pan) pizza or thin crust.

Yet Pan pizza has more dough added to it, and a little more cheese.
Thin crust is but a lesser extent to the pan pizza, yet messier, and like the NYC style pizza, can be gooey! : )

My personal knowledge.

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