Korean food.........?!

Question: Korean food.........?
Hi! I'm korean so I eat korean food everyday. For people who eat korean food, have you ever got kalbi (bbq short ribs) and kimchi and wrapped them both in kim (seaweed).
Or ate myukguuk (seaweed soup) with rice in it and tuna on the side?
If so, what did you think of it?


yes I've eaten kalbi and kimchi in kim, its really tasty :p
I love Korean food, and I haven't aten one non-tasty thing yet that is Korean,
every Korean food I've aten has been delicious

I eat Korean food almost daily

I've eaten a lot of Korean dishes in many different restaurants in many different cities in the US, and I make a point of always trying a dish I've never tried before, but I can honestly say that I've never seen either of those dishes on a menu before. Sure, I've had kalbi and kimchi, and I've had seaweed soup, but I was never offered seaweed to wrap my kalbi in, nor did the seaweed soup ever come with tuna on the side.

I am afraid to eat kimchi

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