What is One Food You Have Not Eaten, and Will Not Try?!

Question: What is One Food You Have Not Eaten, and Will Not Try?
I like to think I am pretty open on what I will eat, but, the other day I was watching the grossest foods out there, and I had to change the channel.
The one that freaked me out was the cheese that has the maggots in it.
I won't go into detail, because I can feel my bile rising, but, yeah.
Oh, and blood, anything with blood is just gross.

What will you absolutely refuse to try?


1. Haggis
2. eel
3. squid
4. all fish
5. squirrel brains and eggs, baked or fried squirrel
6. venison
7. jellyfish
8. rabbit
9. beets
10. chit-lings
11. pigs ears, feet, or tails
12. tongue
13. pastrami
14. hogs head
15. plain grits
16. oatmeal
17. buttermilk
18. chicken gizzards
19. beef liver
20. black licorice

Insects, fermented unrefrigerated meat stored in glass jars on a shelf, fish taken from contaminated water sources, foods prepared under unsanitary conditions or by people with poor hygiene (if I am aware of it) and a host of other gross foods the TV foodie eats in various places around the world.

I would also not drink a beverage produced by someone spitting into it no matter how much it offends the villagers.

All fish.
Head cheese.
Prairie Oysters.
Im also a vegeterian and have been one sinces I was 14 (Im 15 now)
Ive never eaten anything exotic and Ive never wanted to eat any fish.
Only eaten beef, pork, poultry and deer. meat wise. BUT I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!! -____-


Cheese, with maggots in it? Eww, that sounds right nasty. I would refuse to eat chocolate coated cockroaches. I have seen people on TV eating them. Then again, I wouldn't eat those billowy looking jelly fish. I hear ya on the bile, lol.

I will never ever eat balut.
A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Its popular in parts of Southeast Asia.

chocolate covered crickets. i hear they arent to bad but the fact that its a cricket and the thought of that touching my mouth is DISGUSTING


brussell sprouts


All seafood! Yuck!

Blood mixed with milk and raw seal.

Pig lips in a jar!


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