What is the core and base of Pots and pans?!

Question: What is the core and base of Pots and pans?
Sometime they stay stainless steel with aluminum core bases or stuff like Stainless steel line with aluminum I don't get it is the has the inside of the pan what's the core


The base of a pot or pan is the part that is flat and that you actually put down on the burner of your stove, the core would be the part of a pot or pan, that is sandwiched between the base and the inside of the pot or pan (the part you cook the food in) So its like an Oreo cookie kind of, with the core being the middle part. Hope that helped.

When they say aluminum core, they mean that the bottom of the pan is manufactured in layers, like a sandwich, usually with stainless steel as the "bread", and Aluminum as the "meat". The aluminum conducts heat better than steel, so having that layer in the center means your pot will heat more evenly across the bottom, with fewer hot spots, thus preventing scorching of your food.

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