What are these mexican fruit things called?!

Question: What are these mexican fruit things called?
There is a mexican grocery store in my town and I saw these cool looking fruit things and I have no idea what they are called. They look like prickly pears but they are not those because they were sitting next to them and they were markedly different. They do, however, have a bunch of small prickles all over it. The dudes at the mexican store told me to cook it with sugar until it is soft and then peel it to eat it. What are these things? Thanks.


If it's not a Chirimolla, (looks kinda like a big guava with a little prickly and like scales all around it?) was it green?
It could be a Spiky Chayote, it's family to a squash and it opens in half and has a soft edible seed in the middle. You don't even have to put sugar on it when you cook it and many times they're sweet.

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Maybe passionfruit or dragonfruit?

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Based on the description, I'd say horned melon.

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