*Do You Like Noodles*?!

Question: *Do You Like Noodles*?
I frickin love it, maybe because im asian but hey, I cant get enough. Have you ever went into a restaurant and wanted noodles almost overtime u went in?
share your exciting noodle-like experience !!


lol and here I was thinking I had some kind of nutritional deficit. I love noodles...I could eat it at least one a day - everyday, but boy does it pack on the kilos!!

I actually had some last night, with chicken, green pepper and LOADS of chili

I love this place! Fried Soup is Lahaina's Chow Fun, stilled made by the kids whose parents used to work at the Liberty Restaurant in the Lahaina of old. They won't give you the recipe for the noodles though! Star Noodle has the noodle recipe down, but not the Chow Fun part!

Momofuku in Lahaina
An upscale noodle bar arrives in Maui
BY MARTHA CHENG | AUG 18, 2010 |
STAR NOODLE / It’s no secret the Star Noodle experience is one borrowed from New York. Six months before opening the restaurant, the cooking team went on a research trip to that culinary capital. “Our pork buns are straight off of Momofuku,” says Star Noodle chef Sheldon Simeon. “It was that amazing…and Ippudo (a famed New York ramen bar) was definitely the one stop that really sat with us. They had this pork broth that was so rich. On that trip we went back few times.” The entire trip was inspiring: “Just the whole scene of New York–how people in the restaurants carried themselves and the atmosphere,” he says.

Star Noodle recreates the modern, urban vibe of New York well–if perhaps incongruously–in an industrial park in Lahaina. And while some of the menu items (and menu design itself) borrow heavily from New York restaurants, there are some local touches, like the Lahaina Fried Soup, fashioned after a popular dish at the once-upon-a-time Liberty Restaurant on Front Street. The Star Ramen is made with pork bones leftover from the Old Lahaina Luau imu (Old Lahaina Luau, along with Aloha Mixed Plate, share the same owners as Star Noodle).

And there’s the made-from-scratch noodles: “We make 90 percent of our noodles, with the exception of the pad thai and rice noodles,” Simeon says. “We got the help of this old Japanese man from Kahului. We purchased his noodle maker and he helped us in inventing our noodle recipes.”

Star Noodle is doing more than bringing trends from the continental United States to Hawaii; it’s also bringing notables from the continental United States. Last week, Martin Yan (of Yan Can Cook) gave a cooking lesson to employees, then prepared a dinner featuring Cocoon Prawns (prawns wrapped in thin Asian noodles and deep fried) and Fortune Noodle Soup (a hot-and-sour meatball soup). In September, the owners of beloved Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Mich., will stop by Star Noodle to collaborate on a bacon dinner.

Bacon dinners and Asian noodles? Here’s to more delicious research.

I love noodles too. My favorite is rice noodles. Every time we go to eat asian food everyone says why do you always get the same thing every time we come here. I just can't help myself, i got to have them.

One time i went to my kitchen and wipped out some ramen...


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