what is your fav italian dish ?!

Question: What is your fav italian dish ?

Fried slices of steak topped with slices of parmesan - on top of a green salad.

LASAGNA! and i love Zuccotto it's amazing!
oh and lady d Fried slices of steak topped with slices of Parmesan on top of a green salad is not Italian, its American. Just because there is Parisian cheese doesn't mean it's Italian... i used to live in Italy.

Zuccotto. This dessert which originated in Florence is a semi-frozen dessert made with rum, cake chocolate, nuts and whipped cream.

Penne Arrabbiata...spicy and simple yet unbelievably delicious (I get it with extra chillies) XX

i was born in Hong Kong and now a days i m living in England i still like the most Italian SPAGHETTI.

Carbonara, just love it, too many calories though!!

Lobster ravioli in brown butter


Risotto alla milanese


Seafood with pasta. Frutti di Mare.

fettucine alfredo


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