Food Poision?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Question: Food Poision?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I just got done eating diner. But then I realized that the outside was a little burnt, but the inside was all light pink. I got it from my house made by my moms hubby not from a local place. Just store bought Black Angus Beef Burgers from Farm Fresh. Will I get sick!? Im only 12 and dont know much about this. PLEASE TELL ME, im so scared. If so what are the signs, what will happen? Please tell me!


You don't know what tartare is, do you? It's raw meat, and it's completely edible. Raw steak or beef is fine to eat as is. Think of lions, they don't cook their food before they eat it do they? Of course not. Neither did we before we figured out something called fire.

If it was chicken or pork, you WILL want to be concerned. But beef or steak is good raw.

I like food.

Ew, you ate meat. LEsson there.

Oh stop it, you're fine. Anyway, was it just you that ate pink beef?
Eveyone ate the same right?
Beef is cow . a chopped up animal. The flesh, just like yours , is pink.
WHy should that kill you?
It won't.

But seriously, if you're freaked out by a poison scare in your food- look at what that food can do- meat is always risky.

Heres the main thing, YOUR NOT GOING TO DIE!!! If its chicken or pork that isnt cooked properly you can get sick but worse case will be vomitting and diarrhea.

You will be ok

If it's fresh beef than a little pink probably won't do anything to you.

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