Mexican Skillet Pasta?!

Question: Mexican Skillet Pasta?
I have a spanish project and I need some background info:
where it comes from (but it's a no-brainer)
why it's popular
when it's eaten (certain seasons, holidays)

if you could just find me a website
I honestly tried to google all these questions but only the recipe showed up over and over again, page after page :P


Pasta is not inherent to Mexico or Spain, nor do I believe it is used very often. My guess would be that this dish originated from Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper.…

Frugal Moms may also have used left over cooked pasta and just added some mexican seasoning and other ingredients. This is a link to a few recipe Mexican Pasta dishes.… -…

The only thing I can think of is a side dish my husbands grandmother made for him and it's made in an iron skillet...

Brown some diced onion in a skillet with butter, add in a small bag of vermicelli noodles and brown them. Add 2 cans plain tomato sauce and cook until the noodles are done. You may need to add more tomato sauce depending on your preference. It's very simple but very good. some people add oregano or other spices.

His grandmother's family was from Mexico a few lines back so I don't know that this is authentic Mexican cooking, but she was raised on a ranch in the mountains and didn't speak English so I don't know if their cooking was americanized any...?

Sorry searched every thing I could think of and couldn't find nothing.

I want ham on my sandwich please.

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