Can sushi be cooked at home?!

Question: Can sushi be cooked at home?
We have no Japanese restaurants here. I really want to cook some sushi for my family. Is it easy to cook? Or should I give up the idea?


Yes, you can prepare sushi at home. FoodTV has some nice recipes that I've used in the past.

Do some research, Gymaddict and Wanda, Sushi isn't raw fish, Sashimi is. Sushi actually refers to the rice that that Sashimi is served on top of.
Anybody who knows anything about Sushi knows that, but I spent years in the Culinary institute and learned all about it.

Professional chef

I have made sushi at home many times with my kids. It's not hard as long as you understand a couple of things.

Use the right rice and read up about how to cool it and season it. This is important

Use good ingredients. If you make kappa maki with old cucumbers it will taste like old cucumbers.

you can cook it at home, it is not easy though. (the toughest part is getting the nori soft enough to roll)

i have done it

Yes you can made it at home try finding some recipe sites.

really easy to cook

find some recipes on the internet machine!

You might give up the idea. Sushi is not cooked. I'm really not sure how you missed that memo.

Lol sushi is raw fish you don't cook sushi

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