Should I put capsicum in this pasta dish?!

Question: Should I put capsicum in this pasta dish?
Ok, well I'm going to make a tomato based pasta dish for dinner tonight and it is going to have onion, artichokes, green stuffed olives, bacon, mushrooms and I was going to put basil pesto in it (only because I don't have any fresh basil on hand). Do you think I should but capsicum in it as well or will this wreck it? Any other views most welcome.


Because it's a tomato based pasta dish, I wouldn't put in too much pesto (as you've got a lot of other flavours going on and it would be too over-powering otherwise).

I love capsicum (especially red) so I'd add it! But I'd let it simmer in your pasta sauce so that it's tender rather than crunchy.

I think it might be too much flavor. bell peppers tend to have a peculiar taste that stands out.. I found that bell pepper is best for a stand out flavor in conjunction with one or two other with onions, or in salads.. but not exactly mixed in with a bunch of stuff like the pasta..

It might work.. i just wouldn't put too much in there.

i would say yes, but with the artichokes and olives, probably not. You have a lot of flavors going on there already, adding too many will just muck it up.

I kind of agree with the other folks about the pesto though. I'd probably leave that out.

definitely add chopped capsicum to the dish, it will add a little extra flavour. I think red capsicum would be the better one to use.

No. Don't put capsicum.

No dont put capsicum plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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