What happens if you "over" mix cake batter?!


What happens if you "over" mix cake batter?

They don't wanna tell you this : but I will............

In 1956 a lovely mom/housewife made the mistake of over mixing a bundt cake. The phone rang,so she left to answer it.While gone the bundt mix grew,.......... and greww,.....and GREW !Toppling its cake pan it slithered to the floor and ate the dogs food out of its dish.Looking for more,it devoured all the houseplants,then escaped thru the patio door.The mom/housewife returned oblivious to the overturned cake pan , and made another.This time she didn't over-mix and everything was fine.

Meanwhile: the "over-mix" grew.Soon, pets in the neighborhood started disappearing,then the mailman as well.No-one was wise to "over-mix" until its weekend gluttony at the sewage treatment plant.By then "over-mix" was huge, and started to devour the town.

1950's movie : The Blob

it doesn't rise as high

It makes the cake tough and it doesn't rise as well.

I over mix my cake mixes all the time. After I beat them the 2 minutes at medium, I put the mixer on high and beat them another 2 minutes. This makes the batter get all fluffy. The cakes turn out fluffy and moist.

You get large air pockets/holes in your finished product.

if its a cake mix from a box, nothing will happen, with all those chemicals in it, nothing can ruin it....if its homemade, it might not rise as much in the oven, no biggie.

you add flour. but if you add to much flour you then add water.

The only thing that might happen is by over working the mix, you toughen the proteins in the flour, resulting in a tougher cake.

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